10: Wore On Terror (feat. Kiela Crabtree)

What is and isn’t terrorism, and why does the term matter? On our tenth episode, we talk with Kiela Crabtree to hear about her work on mass violence and racialized violence in both the past and present.

Drawing parallels between 20th century Alabama and today, we ask what has changed and what hasn’t when it comes to violence against racial minorities, as well as against Americans in general. Despite their obvious harm, we attempt to raise the possibilities that might also arise to combat them.

9: Whose War It Best? (feat. Drs. Jess and Alex Braithwaite)

Is war just politics by other means? We sit down with civil war experts Drs. Jess and Alex Braithwaite to get the scoop.

Breaking down the roots of civil war, how they escalate, their consequences, and what to do about them, this episode applies poli sci theories to understand ongoing dilemmas in Haiti, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, …and possibly the United States.

8: Migrants Go Marching One By One (feat. Dr. Jesse Acevedo)

CNN and Fox News definitely want you to believe their theories to explaining immigration. But when actually looking at the data, what truly causes migration, and in turn, what does migration cause politically?

On episode 8, we speak with Professor Jesse Acevedo about his research on migration and remittances. Covering the movement of people and money across the Americas, we debunk assumptions behind migration and offer a path towards engaging questions of immigration in moving forward.

7: Environmental Faux Policies (feat. Adriana Molina Garzon)

Environmentalism should be easy, right? On this episode of Poli Sigh we talk with Adriana Molina Garzon about the faux pas behind what seem like good, green policies.

Covering the realities of balancing different interests and different institutions, we hear about the prospects of environmentalism in a world that's still struggling to figure out how equity fits alongside environmental necessity.

6: Green Spaces and Market Places (feat. Dr. Emily Ray)

In the 21st century, the political environment and ecological environment might as well be the same thing. But if the planet is so important to everything, then why do we have trouble enacting sustainability?

On episode 6, we talk with Dr. Emily Ray about how and why environmentalism still faces difficult hurdles, even in the face of impending doom.

5: The Performance of a Lifetime (feat. Owen Fite)

Always been curious to know what Owen is busy doing when not podcasting?!? Well wait not longer!

In this special episode, Molly sits down with Owen to hear about his work on performative citizenship and how respectability factors into the way race matters to U.S. citizenship today.

4: Me, Myself, and I...dentity (feat. Dr. Tyler Reny)

Group identities matter to politics, but just how much so? And what does and what doesn’t COVID have to do with politics these days?

On episode 4, we hear from Dr. Tyler Reny regarding the way racial groupings, Trump’s rhetoric, Blue Lives Matter, and COVID all interact with one another to affect the way people feel about and participate in politics today….and potentially in a post-pandemic world.

3: Hide and Democraseek (feat. Dr. Carew Boulding)

Following the U.S. Capitol storming, is American democracy faltering?

We talk with Dr. Carew Boulding about whether or not the United States is facing unprecedented challenges, and if Bolivia’s recent history holds any lessons for the United States' current democratic crisis.

2: Drink the Libertea (feat. Dr. Elisabeth Anker)

Drama? Plot twists? Violence? Is American politics really just a TV series?

In this episode we talk with Professor Elisabeth Anker about the theatrics behind U.S. politics, how morality has come to define political messaging, and whether there's benefit to holding on to normative values like freedom.

1: Grin and Polar Bear It (feat. Courtney Johnson)

Just how much do Americans hate each other? Are political divisions worse now than ever? Can we blame social media or Trump? Is there any way out of this?

In this episode we chat with political behavioralist, Courtney Johnson, to discuss partisan polarization and tolerance in the United States today.