Episode Notes

Episode 9: Whose War It Best? (feat. Drs. Jess and Alex Braithwaite)

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Episode 8: Migrants Go Marching One By One (feat. Dr. Jesse Acevedo)

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Episode 7: Environmental Faux Policies (feat. Adriana Molina Garzon)

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Episode 6: Green Spaces and Market Places (feat. Dr. Emily Ray)

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Episode 5: The Performance of a Lifetime (feat. Owen Fite)

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Episode 4: Me, Myself, and I...dentity (feat. Dr. Tyler Reny)

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Episode 3: Hide and Democraseek (feat. Dr. Carew Boulding)

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Episode 2: Drink the Libertea (feat. Dr. Elisabeth Anker)

Episode Citations:

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Episode 1: Grin and Polar Bear It (feat. Courtney Johnson)

Check out Courtney Johnson's podcast, Fierce Fem, here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fierce-fems-podcast/id1522629429

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